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“She is not only pleasant to work with, but also has great attention to detail.”

During the real estate transaction I worked on with Hilary, she was easy to work with and consistently communicated clearly. She is not only pleasant to work with, but also has great attention to detail. When presented with a small punch list of items that required attention from our end, Hilary exceeded our expectations by promptly addressing and resolving each item. Her dedication and professionalism throughout the process made the transaction seamless and stress-free which is so refreshing in today’s environment. Thanks, Hilary!”

Cash Home Buyers Miami

Our mission at Bright Bid Homes is all about real estate to create a delightful experience to help you sell your house, sell your condo, sell your property, or even sell your Miami Inc luxury home and Find Your Happy Sale™! Do you need to sell your house fast? Need cash today? We can get you a cash offer to sell your property in less than a day!

We are cash buyers in Florida with a fast and convenient for sale process to get a cash offer for your Miami casa as we buy houses cash with a seamless transaction that eliminates the stresses and delays of slow bureaucratic banks or high-priced realtors and real estate agents. We offer a full variety of options to sell your property to satisfy your every need and cash situation.

Sell my house fast in Miami Florida

We Buy Houses Cash Miami

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We Buy Ugly Houses Miami
Mega mansion in Delray Beach
We are Miami cash home buyers in ANY Condition!
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Sell My Miami House Fast

Sell My House For Cash Miami

With Bright Bid Homes, you will find your local and legit cash home buyer right here in Miami Florida. Don’t fall for the scam on Craigslist and from Silicon Valley “big tech” property iBuyers, Wall Street hedge funds or high-priced realtors and real estate agency.  This is all about you and your family, right here in Miami Dade.  Let’s have a simple and direct conversation about what real estate problems you need to solve combined with our local Miami Florida housing market knowledge. 

You have legitimate and pressing situations that will get brushed over and lost with the “big tech” California iBuyers, and New York hedge funds. Even caution should be paid to online scam artists on Craigslist or fake Facebook groups discussed in this we buy ugly houses Miami Herald article. We believe in person to person relationships and building trust one step at a time. Selling a home is a cornerstone moment in a personal and financial journey that can be complicated. We need to discuss your personal, mortgage, and cash specific needs so we can build a plan on how best to sell your house fast today in Miami, Florida, not rely on computers in New York or electronic Facebook clouds in California.

Let’s talk person to person.

We are a family owned and operated company and we want to help you avoid the scam, find a legit cash buyer for your Miami casa and simply have a trusted conversation about how to sell your house in South Florida. Let’s talk about how we can help solve the property challenges you face. So, if you are looking for “companies that buy houses for cash,” look no further!  Contact us and let’s start a reliable and legit conversation!

You’re not alone on this Miami real estate journey. We are not an AI robot or computer algorithm. We are actual people just like you. We are a family owned and operated business. We would be delighted to serve you and be your cornerstone homebuyers and partners in South Florida. We are all about real estate and want to be your Miami casa buyers or help you sell your Miami casa on MLS, supporting and helping you at every step of the way. Let’s avoid the online scam together, and help you sell your house in Miami Florida and to Find Your Happy Sale!

Bright Bid Homes | House Buyer Review | Testimonial

Bright Bid Homes: Customer Review & Testimonial For Another Happy Sale In Texas!

“I am a very happy camper in this situation and very grateful….I am super glad I choose Bright Bid Homes. I got a fair price and an amazing experience.”

-Yash A, Frisco TX

Sell My House Fast Miami Inc

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Best house buying company reviews
We buy houses Miami Florida
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Florida house buyers

Companies That Buy Houses Miami Reviews

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sell my luxury home in miami beach
Emily H.

Hilary’s ability to remain flexible and composed in the face of a major, unexpected obstacle on our end was truly impressive… professionalism and dedication were evident as she navigated the complexities of the house sale.

Hilary’s ability to remain flexible and composed in the face of a major, unexpected obstacle on our end was truly impressive, ultimately leading to a successful closing. Her professionalism and dedication were evident as she navigated the complexities of the house sale, maintaining clear communication and cooperation throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Hilary and would want to work with her again for any future real estate transactions. Thank you!

Miami Casa Buyers

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Get Your Cash Offer To Sell In Less Than 24 Hours. We Buy Houses in CASH!

Say goodbye to the stress of listing your house! With our Fast Cash For Homes Offer Program, or by listing to sell your Miami Inc casawith us on the market for top dollar, we offer cash and have got all the bases to sell covered just for you! No worries, just results.

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Review Your Options To Sell And You Decide What is Best

Your options to sell are abundant, allowing you to make a well-informed choice to who will buy your house in Florida. Concerned about repairs? No worries, as we’ve got the repairs covered for you!

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Sell Your House On A Closing Date That Fits Your Timeline

Cash Offer from Miami Casa Buyers: Opt to sell using our Fast Cash Offer program and we buy your house cash in as little as 7 days, putting you in control of your timeline.

Your House! Your Rules!

Cash For Houses Miami Florida

Miami homeownership and property cash buyers are no longer constrained on how we buy and sell houses in Miami Dade – you don’t need to have a California iBuyer control your fate. Or ride wild housing market gyrations by looking at Zillow or Facebook real estate groups constantly. Or given bad and limited for sale choices between Wall Street hedge fund titans or high-priced realtors and real estate agency.
Whether you’re aiming to reach for sale at a million dollar beach house value and have the luxury of time flexibility, or you’re looking for somebody to buy with a fast cash offer for quick convenience, Bright Bid Homes delivers a comprehensive set of options to sell your house in Miami tailored specifically to your financial and personal cash needs. You can count on Bright Bid Homes to have you covered.

Cash for houses Miami Florida
Cash for houses Miami Florida
we buy houses in miami florida
Got hoarding Miami?

How To Sell My House Fast Cash Miami

Our “Fast and Easy Cash Offer Option:

  • Cash Offers From Miami Casa Buyers Within 24 Hours
    Give us a few details about your Miami casa, and with our real estate agency knowledge of the South Florida market to evaluate the property. This will allow us to present you with a fast & fair cash offer to buy your house in Miami Fl.
  • Avoid Open Houses & Avoid Hassles
    Kiss goodbye to open houses, weekend showings, and intrusions. Keep your privacy.
  • You Pick The Closing Day
    Accept our cash offer for houses and let us be your cash home buyers, and within days (not months), you can sell your house fast and we can close quickly – with the choice of the closing date to sell in your hands. Your convenience and how fast you want to sell is in your control and what matters the most! We will buy your house on your timeline!
  • We Pay For All Repairs
    Sell your house “as is” … no repairs needed! Yes, even special condo assessments! We buy condos Miami with special assessments, so you don’t need to! So, if your property requires heavy renovation or repairs, leave it to us! We will be the condo flipper and carry the cost of the condo special assessment and flipper remodel.
  • No Realtors Or Real Estate Agent Fees To Sell Your House
    No high priced realtor or real estate agent fees, no closing costs since we are the Miami casa buyers. Yup! It’s as refreshing as it sounds!

Our “Sell My House Miami for Top Dollar” Option:

list your Miami house with us icon

List My House with Bright Bid Homes

Perfect if you have time to find a Miami casa buyer and reach for a luxury home max price to sell your house with a traditional listing on the retail Florida housing market.

  • Best Price For Your House In Miami Florida
    Utilizing our broad home buyers network and targeted luxury homes marketing channels in the South Florida area, we partner to sell your house to reach the high point for sale value that mega mansions would envy.
  • Peace Of Mind
    In the event of a home buyers financing falling through or unforeseen circumstances arising, causing you to be unable to sell your house fast, rest assured that we remain fully capable to be your cash buyers for your house fast from you.
  • Guidance By Miami Inc Experts At Every Step
    Every step of the way, you’ll be guided on how to sell by local and proficient South Florida realty professionals who bring decades of experience, ensuring the high point listing price and a priority home closing.
  • *Inquire About Our “Fix and List” Option
    Under certain conditions like special assessments, we can frequently provide funding and carry out repairs and renovations like a house flipper to your Miami Inc property, boosting its high point value closer to what South Florida luxury homes would sell for. This has the potential to put an additional $10k to $30k+ of cash from home buyers into your pocket.

    *Inquire to see if your Miami casa qualifies for our special house flipper “fix and list” cash program

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Miami Casa Buyers

How The Process Works

(Yup, it’s really this easy)

Starting the sell process is easy. Just describe your South Florida house using our quick & convenient information form or call us at (214) 833-6269.
We’re fast cash buyers! You’ll get a cash offer to sell your house within 24 hours.

Cash Offer For Homes Miami

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Tell us about your Miami inc casa. We’ll jump into action and look from an aerial view if its a luxury home, or condo as we buy homes of all kinds. Let us review your for sale property to get you a free and no obligation fast cash offer to sell your house for cash.

fair cash offer icon


We’ll get you a fast cash offer to sell that reflects the market value and condition. We buy houses cash “as is” with no repairs needed. Not a million dollar Florida luxury home? Not a Miami Beach house? No problem! We buy houses cash of all types – no worries. Our goal is to help you find your trueway to a happy sale! And of course, it’s a free and fast cash offer!

options for selling your Miami Florida home


You have the power to decide on how we buy your home. We buy houses cash on a schedule that is convenient to YOU! Selling and closing dates are according to your needs and timeline,

Legit Cash Home Buyers Near Me Miami

Cash home buyers Miami


Hello, I’m Hilary Schultz, an experienced real estate professional with over 20 years of industry expertise. As a mother of two boys under 6, I understand the importance of finding the perfect real estate partner for your family to sell your house.

I am passionate about helping you Find Your Happy Sale™.

Explore our website for valuable resources and services tailored to your needs. If you need to sell your house or to buy a house to finding investment properties, I am here to guide you every step of the way. Let’s connect and embark on this important real estate journey together! Contact me today to discuss your needs and situation and how I can serve you. Let’s talk!

Legit Miami casa buyer

We Buy Ugly Houses Miami Fl

Need to Sell Your House Fast Miami?

As both a fast house cash buyer and licensed realtors and real estate agents, we can use creative strategies to sell your house in Miami and partner with you to assist to sell your house fast and find the trueway sell path and reach for sale at values that luxury homes would be jealous of.

How we work with property owners in Miami:

We have the ability to create a dynamic listing to sell your house on the Miami Dade county market and MLS, accessing our proprietary marketing methods to find Miami casa buyers for your house in Florida.

Or, If you need a fast and convenient way to quickly sell your house, we are cash buyers and you can sell your house in Miami for cash to us, often in only a few days with no closing costs. We can get you a cash offer for your house in Miami in less than 24 hours and finalize the deal in as little as seven days, with no realtors fees and no closing costs.

All about real estate miami florida
We Buy Houses Miami in ANY Condition

Best House Buying Company Miami Florida

  • No realtor fees to sell your house fast for cash
  • Eliminate burdensome house closing costs
  • We’ll handle all needed house flipper repairs with our “Fast Cash for Houses” Offer option to sell.
  • Keep your privacy. No open houses – No headaches
  • Find out what fast cash offer we can buy your Miami casa for today!
  • Already got a cash offer to sell your house? Let us try to beat it… in CASH!
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Our approach at Bright Bid Homes is unique. We’re more than just a cash home buyer, and we’re more than just realtors and licensed real estate agents – we’re both! How does that benefit you to sell your house? It gives us a wide variety of options to sell your home that most high priced real estate agents and realtors or Wall Street investors are not even aware of!

Contact us to find out more! Just fill out the short property information form (below) and we will get back to you right away.

If you just need to sell your house fast, we can do that! Within 24 hours, we will get a cash offer for your house that is fast & fair….in CASH! Let us bring your property status from for sale to recently sold. All with no realtor fees and no closing costs. And the best part…you have the flexibility to choose the closing date that suits you. We always remember that its your house, your rules!

We strive to be your one of the legit homebuying companies that you will consider to be your cornerstone homebuyers. The decision how to sell is entirely up to you! The big advantage we offer is that we take a 360 degree aerial view of the housing market and don’t rely on slow bureaucratic banks for cash to buy your property, so if you’re looking to sell fast and need cash quickly, we can buy your house for cash in as little as 7 days. (Learn about our process)

Where We Buy Houses in Miami

we buy homes for cash miami florida
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Cash Offer For Homes Miami FL

Open The Door To Sell My House Miami

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START HERE: Get A Cash Offer Today In Miami And Be Done With It! We Buy Houses "As Is" In ANY Condition. No Repairs Needed!
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Sell My House For Cash Miami

…Just Be Done With It

From divorce, mortgage foreclosure, a Miami BRRRR rehab gone wrong, old roof that needs replacing, as well as the headaches with squatters rights at troubled rental investments or trying to remodel that old Miami casa that has turned into a fixer upper house flipper problem – Bright Bid Homes is here to assist property owners, facing tough and challenging situations like late mortgage payments to take a big picture and aerial perspective of their options. We want to be your real estate problems solvers.

We buy homes for cash throughout South Florida and Miami Dade county from Homestead Fl to Miami Gardens down into to the bustling streets of Miami Inc, Brickell, Hialeah and South Beach. We are cash buyers for Miami casas in a transparent and fast process that gets you a fast & fair all cash offer for your house within 24 hours. Whether you sell for cash to us, sell with a real estate agency like Coldwell Banker, or even sell to bobby down the street, our goal and wish is the same.

We want to help you Find Your Happy Sale! We simply believe we can provide that service better than anybody else. We are well-versed traditional real estate agent and realtor, so we can help with seller credit for repairs, renovation, or a simple prayer to sell your house. Our extensive understanding and experience of the South Florida housing market to buy and sell Miami beach homes enables us to help homeowners like you to find retail Miami home buyers and reach for the highest values possible for your house.

If you’re simply on the tired landlord list and fed up with the burden of owning that troublesome South Florida investor property or regulation strapped AirBnb STR or what we call “AirBnBUST” and you’re uncertain about whether to go through the burdensome and unknown timing of listing for sale on the MLS, share the details of the investment property you want to be free from. You have the choice to sell your house fast for an all cash offer from us or partner to sell to reach for million dollar home buyers on the Palm Beach county market. Begin the process to sell your house in Miami Florida with a honest and straightforward discussion about your options to sell by giving us a call today at (214) 833-6269.

condo special assessments in miami florida
Sell My Condo For Cash Miami

We Buy Condos Fast Miami

Got Condo Special Assessments Fees Miami?

Did you just get hit with a large and unexpected special assessment from the condominium association? Does your condo board need to pay for heavy repairs and renovation but no budget? Did your condo insurance premiums skyrocket? Do your finances look like Ivan Rodriguez at his bay front condominium as described in the Wall Street Journal after his six-figure special assessment for his condo in North Miami.

If you live in an older building in Miami, be careful of special assessments coming in the pipe. New safety standards are being implement in the wake of the Miami condominium collapse in Surfside 2021 with a new Florida state law. Specific to Miami condo owners, Florida SB 4-D is the one of concern. Florida SB 4-D requires condos or co-ops located within 3 miles of the coastline to complete safety and structural inspections at 30 years of age and then every 10 years afterwards. These new regulations have resulted in reserve funding shortfalls at many Miami condos.

Ouch, a six figure special assessment for a condo is a painful real estate and financial situation. As a Miami condo owner, if you have not looked into your building and their special assessment needs, we urge you to do so quickly!

If you do have special assessment problems at your Miami condo, we can help solve your special condo assessment problems! We are cash buyers for condos in Miami in ANY condition. We can get you a cash offer for your Miami condo in less than 48 hours.

We Buy Condos Fast in Miami
We Buy Condos Fast Miami

Ready For A Cash Offer from Casa Buyers Miami?

We buy houses cash. We buy condos. We buy land. We buy duplex houses. We buy multi family buildings. We buy co-op apartments. We even buy Miami condos with special assessments. We are Miami casa buyers ready with cash offers for houses and condos in Miami and throughout South Florida.

We buy houses in all the best places and throughout these Miami neighborhoods: South Beach, Surfside, Sofi, Brickell, Design District, Wynwood, Brickell Key, North Miami, Midtown, Miami Beach, Collins Ave, Miami Springs, Opa Locka, Miami Lakes, Doral, Fountainbleau, Tamiami, Kendall, South Miami, Miami Gardens, Brickell Key, Palmetto Bay, Miami Springs, North Beach, Overtown, Liberty City, Downtown, Little Havana, Morningside, Cutler Bay, Edgewater, Hallandale Beach, Key Biscayne, La Gorce Island, Fisher Island, North Bay Village, Miami Shores, and these Miami Dade zip codes: FL 33154, 33134, 33149, 33129, 33146 33135, 33145, 33178, 33166, 33010, 33128, 33130, 33132, 33137, 33127, 33139, 33128, 33180, 33160, 33179, 33162, 33162, 33161, 33150, 33168, 33122, 33054, 33014, 33055, 33157, 33169, 33054, 33156, 33143, 33190, and 33141. We are ready, able and willing to buy homes for cash not just in Miami FL but from Delray Beach, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach down through down into Aventura, Sunny Isles, Bal Harbour, and the luxury homes in Weston, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest, and more! If you need to sell your property fast, contact us today. If timing is immediate, let us know and we will get a cash offer to you fast. We are all about real estate in Miami Inc so we are ready to be your Miami cash home buyers today, all with no obligations, no stresses or headaches.

Let’s turn your property into a bright opportunity!

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