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Prayer To St Joseph To Sell House

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St Joseph Prayer To Sell House

Saint Joseph is the supreme and ultimate real estate agent to have on your side when trying to sell a home.  Many homeowners with active listings on the housing market turn to blessed St Joseph with prayers of devotion and faith prayer to guide them through the complexities and emotional rollercoaster of selling a house in today’s market.

The St Joseph’s prayer is still practiced and working its miracle prayer today.  If your marketing strategy to sell your house fast is not going as smoothly as you had hoped, you might consider praying to St Joseph.  Many home sellers attest that this prayer work has been very effective and brought them real estate miracles. 

Have you considered a prayer to help get a house sold?  Maybe Saint Joseph’s prayer can help to alleviate the emotional and stressful experience of selling a home.  In periods of heightened anxiety, the power of prayer can be comforting and bring clarity to the mind and soul.

Prayer To Sell House

The Power of Prayer: Who Was St Joseph?

Before we explore how St. Joseph can assist in the sale of our homes, it’s crucial to understand his significance. In  Bible prayers, Saint Joseph is recognized as Mary’s husband and the foster father of Jesus Christ. He played an essential role in the Holy Family, offering devoted love, protection, and guidance to Mary and Jesus.

Often portrayed as a reserved yet resolute figure that lived quietly, Saint Joseph faithfully trusted and was deeply committed to his spirituality of the almighty God and family. He embraced the duty of caring for Mary and Jesus with steadfast devotion and fatherly spirit, despite facing the uncertainties of an unexpected pregnancy and the adversities of living in exile.

St. Joseph is celebrated as the patron saint of families, the Catholic Church, travelers, laborers, engineers, and even those engaged in real estate transactions. His broad patronage is a reflection of his life as a carpenter, a family provider, and a man who traveled to new territories to safeguard his loved ones.

Saint Thomas Aquinas quoted about St Joseph,

“There are many saints to whom God has given the power to assist us in the necessities of life, but the power given to St. Joseph is unlimited: It extends to all our needs, and all those who invoke him with confidence are sure to be heard.” — St. Thomas Aquinas 

Novena prayer to sell a house
Novena prayer to sell a house

A History of Uprooting and Rebuilding

Many who seek St Joseph’s intercession in selling their property are comforted by his own history of relocation. He moved his family several times, escaping to Egypt to avoid Herod’s wrath and eventually returning to Nazareth. During these travels, he likely constructed or restored homes for his family, demonstrating his carpentry skills and his commitment to ensuring a secure and welcoming home.

Origins of the St. Joseph Prayer

The custom of invoking St. Joseph’s help to sell a house dates back to the 16th century with St. Teresa of Avila, a Spanish nun. During her quest to acquire land for a convent, she buried a medal bearing St. Joseph’s likeness and earnestly prayed for his support. Her efforts were successful, and she credited this outcome to St. Joseph’s divine intervention as a patron saint.

The act of burying a St. Joseph statue, often positioned upside down, while reciting a dedicated prayer has grown into a widespread tradition among homeowners looking to sell. It is thought that placing the statue upside down compels St. Joseph to work more diligently to sell the house, allowing him to be righted once the sale is complete.

st teresa of avila

The tradition of seeking St. Joseph’s intercession for assistance in selling a house is rooted in the experiences of St. Teresa of Avila, a prominent Spanish nun and mystic of the 16th century. According to her writings, she attributed the successful acquisition of land for a convent to burying a medal of St. Joseph and praying for his aid. This event, recorded in her autobiography “Life of St Teresa of Avila” is often cited as the origin of the St Joseph prayer for selling a house tradition.

Prayers To Help Sell A House

The ritual of planting a St. Joseph statue in the ground and seeking his aid in property sales has received mixed reactions—some embrace it as a benign tradition steeped in faith prayer, while others dismiss it as superstitious or disrespectful.

However, the practice’s continued popularity highlights a strong collective yearning for spiritual support and protection during significant life changes.

Having considered the historical and personal importance of St. Joseph in matters of home and family, we can now look at the specific miracle prayers and novena prayer card designed to invoke his help in selling a house.

st joseph prayer to sell home
St Joseph prayer to sell home

What Is The Prayer To Sell House Fast?

Praying to St. Joseph can be as simple or devotional as you choose. If you purchase a St. Joseph home sale kit from online retailers like Amazon, it often includes a prayer card with the traditional invocation:

O, Saint Joseph, you who taught our Lord the carpenter’s trade and saw to it that he was always properly housed, hear my earnest plea. I want you to help me now as you helped your foster-child Jesus, and as you have helped many others in the matter of housing. I wish to sell this house quickly, easily, and profitably and I implore you to grant my wish by bringing me a good buyer, one who is eager, compliant, and honest, and by letting nothing impede the rapid conclusion of the sale.

Dear Saint Joseph, I know you would do this for me out of the goodness of your heart and in your own good time, but my need is very great now and so I must make you hurry on my behalf.

Saint Joseph, I am going to place you in a difficult position with your head in darkness and you will suffer as our Lord suffered, until this house is sold. Then, Saint Joseph, I swear before the cross and God Almighty, that I will redeem you and you will receive my gratitude and a place of honor in my home.


*** We added a version that is printable prayer to St Joseph To Sell House

Printable St Joseph Prayer to Sell House
Printable prayer to sell a house

However, the most important factor is sincerity. Any prayer that comes from the heart can resonate with Saint Joseph. Feel free to personalize the words to make them your own, expressing your unique home selling situation for the quick sale of a house or property.

You can also find various miracle prayers online or in devotional books, reciting them while holding the St Joseph statue or as you bury St Joseph in the ground.

Even if you’re not a devout believer in the power of the St Joseph prayer to sell a house, there’s no harm in approaching St Joseph with humility and respect. The simple act and time taken for prayer can be a source of comfort and calm, regardless of your spiritual and devotional beliefs.

Remember, the key is to avoid any sense of entitlement in your prayer to St Joseph. Focus on expressing and explaining your needs honestly and respectfully, trusting and knowing that St. Joseph will hear your plea.

For those who wish to deepen their connection with St. Joseph, consider praying daily throughout the home selling process. This consistent devotion can be a source of strength and solace during a potentially stressful time.

miracle prayer to sell a house

What Is A Novena?

A novena is a nine-day period of prayer and reflection dedicated to a specific intention. The St. Joseph novena to sell a house is a powerful way to deepen your connection with the saint and seek his guidance throughout the entire process. Here’s a suggested novena structure:

  • Day 1: O St. Joseph, guardian of the Holy Family, you who provided a home for Jesus and Mary, I come to you today seeking your assistance in selling my house. Please guide me to a buyer who will cherish this home as much as we have.
  • Day 2: O St. Joseph, model of patience and perseverance, I ask for your strength and wisdom as I navigate the complexities of the housing market. Grant me the patience to wait for the right offer and the wisdom to make sound decisions.
  • Day 3: O St. Joseph, protector of the vulnerable, I pray that you will shield my family and me from any unfair dealings or fraudulent practices during this process. Please lead us to honest and trustworthy individuals.
  • Day 4: O St. Joseph, worker of miracles, I humbly ask for your intervention in resolving any unexpected obstacles or delays that may arise. Please smooth the path to a successful sale.
  • Day 5: O St. Joseph, provider of all needs, I pray that this sale will bring financial security and stability to my family. May it be a blessing for both us and the future occupants of this home.
  • Day 6: O St. Joseph, patron of a happy death, I ask that you intercede for us as we transition to a new chapter in our lives. May this move be filled with joy and anticipation for the future.
  • Day 7: O St. Joseph, faithful husband and father, I entrust my family and our home into your loving care. Guide us through this process, and may we always find comfort and solace in your presence.
  • Day 8: O St. Joseph, hope of the sick and dying, I pray for all those who are struggling to find a home. May they find comfort and shelter in your loving embrace.
  • Day 9: O St. Joseph, terror of demons, protect us from all harm and evil during this time of transition. May we find peace and serenity in our new home.

Do I Have To Bury St Joseph Statue?

While the St. Joseph prayer is central to seeking his assistance in selling a house, a common tradition involves burying a statue of the saint. This practice, inspired by St. Teresa of Avila’s experience, is believed by many to enhance the effectiveness of the prayer.

But is it necessary? And how is it done?

burying st joseph to sell a house

The Significance of Burying Dear Saint Joseph

Although there are no official rules governing this practice, many homeowners selling a house believe that to bury St. Joseph as a statue symbolizes and embodies their wholehearted desire for a successful sale.

The act of placing the statue upside down is thought to incentivize St. Joseph to “work” harder to sell the house so that he can be returned to his proper upright position. Countless anecdotes recount quick home sales and favorable selling outcomes attributed to this home selling prayer and ritual.

If you’re facing challenges selling a home or simply wish to embrace this tradition, readily available St. Joseph home sale kits can be found online and in religious stores. These kits typically include a small statue, a prayer card, and instructions.

Can Prayer Help Sell My House?

In our experience with Texas real estate through over 2500 transactions, we have not seen a better example of faith in St Joseph miracles then one of our partners who reached out  to our team and we made her family a cash offer within 48 ours and became a cash buyer for her Texas home. 

Ms. Gonzales faithfully declares,

“I truly believe that without St. Joseph I wouldn’t have found Bright Bid Homes and sold my house within a week! St. Joe still sits in my living room and serves as a reminder of how blessed my life has been in all these years.” – Anna Marie Gonzales

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How Common Is the Practice?

While no scientific data exists to quantify the practice of burying St. Joseph statues, anecdotal evidence suggest it’s a popular and enduring custom.

For many years, experienced real estate agents and selling homeowners have practiced the St Joseph prayer to sell a house, and many attest to its positive impact and influence on the home selling process.

Prayer Steps to Follow

The ritual to bury St Joseph’s statue is not strict or rigid, but here’s a common and practical approach:

  1. Obtain a statue: Purchase a St. Joseph home sale kit or a small statue of the saint.
  2. Prepare the statue: If your kit includes a plastic bag, wrap the statue for protection.
  3. Choose a location: Consider burying the statue near the “For Sale” sign, facing away from the property to signify your intention to leave. Alternatively, you can bury it near the road, in a flower pot (if you’re selling a condo), or about 3 feet from the back of your house where the soil might be looser. Be sure to call utility companies before digging to avoid damaging any underground lines.
  4. Position the statue of St Joseph: You can bury it upside down or lying on its back, facing the house.
  5. Pray to St. Joseph: Recite the traditional prayer, a personalized prayer, or using the nine days novena prayer card. Continue this practice until the house is sold.
  6. Retrieve the statue: Once the sale is finalized and you’ve received payment, retrieve the statue as a gesture of respect. It’s believed that leaving the statue buried could lead to future difficulties with the property.

While the ritual of burying St. Joseph’s statue can be a meaningful act of faith, it’s important to remember that it’s not a guaranteed solution.

Combining prayer with practical steps like proper staging, pricing, and marketing will maximize your chances of a successful sale.

St Joseph Prayer To Sell House

St Joseph Novena Prayer to Sell House

While prayer is an important part of the process, it’s crucial to remember that it should be complemented by practical actions. Make sure your home is well-maintained, asking price is competitive, and marketed effectively.

Seek the guidance of a trusted and experienced real estate agent who can help you navigate the intricacies of the market.

Other Prayers to Help Sell A House

In addition to the specific Catholic prayers and novenas dedicated to St. Joseph, you may also choose to recite general prayers for guidance, protection, and financial abundance.

You can also seek inspiration from Bible prayers, particularly passages that speak of home, family, and God’s provision. Remember, the most important aspect of prayer is the sincerity of your heart and your trust in a higher power.

St Anthony Prayer For Buying A House

On the flip side, when looking to buy a house, many turn to the comforting and supportive tradition of prayer as well, specifically invoking the Saint Anthony intercession.

Saint Anthony of Padua, known for his powerful prayers and as the patron saint of lost items, is also a figure many prospective homeowners turn to in times of need. The concept here is that just as St. Anthony helps people find lost objects, he can also help find the perfect home.

This practice involves the St Anthony prayer for buying a house and reciting specific prayers, asking for guidance and assistance in navigating the competitive and unknown Texas and Dallas Fort Worth housing market.

Praying to Saint Anthony can be a spiritual anchor in the tumultuous process of buying a home.  To integrate all these acts of faith effectively, it’s beneficial to set aside a quiet time reveal each day to connect through prayer.

You might use a traditional prayer to St. Anthony or create a personal one that speaks directly to your desires and challenges in either buying or selling a home.

Many find that this daily practice not only brings spiritual solace but also helps maintain a positive and hopeful outlook throughout their real estate journey to both buy and sell a home.

St Joseph Novena to Sell House

The Power of Faith and Trust

Whether you follow a specific prayer format or simply offer your own heartfelt petitions, the key is to approach St. Joseph with faith and trust. Prayer can be a source of comfort and strength during challenging times, and it can help you maintain a positive outlook even when faced with setbacks.

Remember, prayer is not a magic solution. From Fort Worth to Dallas to Plano TX, prayer can open you up to new possibilities and provide the inner peace you need to navigate the complexities to buy or sell your house.

A Prayer for All

The prayer to St. Joseph to sell a house is not limited to a specific faith prayer tradition. It is a prayer for anyone not just in Texas and anybody who is seeking divine assistance in selling their heavenly home. Whether you are for Catholic church prayers, Protestant, or non-denominational acts of devotion, you can find solace and guidance and not lose faith in the tradition of invoking St. Joseph.

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*** Disclaimer – The information shared in this article is rooted in the rich tradition and spiritual practices surrounding the St. Joseph prayer for selling a house. While many individuals of faith have found solace and guidance through this devotion, it’s important to understand that the efficacy of prayer is a matter of personal belief and cannot be guaranteed.

We encourage readers to embrace this tradition with an open heart, seeking St. Joseph’s intercession alongside diligent action and informed decision-making. Consulting with experienced real estate professionals is essential for navigating the practical aspects of getting a home sold, such as pricing, marketing, and legal considerations.

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