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Selling A Home With Old Roof

Selling A Home With An Old Roof

Sell my house with leaking old roof

As you prepare to list your home for sale, you might be contemplating whether to repair an old roof that is deteriorating and maybe even a leaky roof is essential before the transaction. Understandably, you don’t wish to burden the new homeowner with a problematic property. Yet, money constraints might prevent you from undertaking costly and needed roof replacement, leaving you in a difficult situation.

This guide is designed to navigate you through the complexities of how to sell your house, even when faced with challenges like an aging roof, leaks, or missing shingles.

Recognizing the Need for Roof Repairs

Often, the primary issue homeowners encounter stems from neglected property maintenance and upkeep. Regular roof replacement inspections can preempt many issues, enabling timely intervention.

Statistics reveal that around 20% of home evaluations flag concerns with the roof’s condition, hardly surprising given a roof’s crucial role in shielding the home and residents. Regular roof checks along with good homeowners insurance, particularly in Texas with our extreme temperatures and violent storms from climate change are prudent, though they may not always be financially feasible for every homeowner. This can lead to situations where roof replacement or repair becomes unavoidable.

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Signs indicating roof damage:

  • Light Penetration from Outside: A simple attic visit can reveal this. If light can enter, so can moisture, posing significant risk to your home integrity.
  • Moisture Marks or Mold Presence: Ceiling stains (yellow or brown in color) or mold growth typically indicate roof leaks, necessitating prompt action to prevent further damage to the entire property.
  • Shingle Granules Accumulation: Finding granules in gutters and downspouts suggests shingle deterioration, hinting at potential roof replacement needs.
  • Damaged Shingles: Observing curled, missing, or broken shingles is normal over time especially with our strong Texas winds. Depending on the extent, roof shingle replacement or more comprehensive roof replacement might be needed.
  • Roof Depressions And Sagging: A structurally sound roof maintains its shape. Any deviations in form could signal underlying issues requiring attention from roofers.

Can A New Roof Add Value To My House?

When contemplating a complete roof replacement, you may wonder about the financial cash return on such a real estate investment. What is your return on investment? The answer varies, depending on what type of house and roof? Pitched roof? Flat roof? Brick house? Modern farmhouse? Just like a homeowners insurance policy can vary, pricing is influenced by the house type and materials chosen.

Roofing Material Choices:
  • Asphalt Shingles A standard option, costing in the low $20,000 range will gain a 68% return on investment.  According to Remodeling’s 2019 Cost vs. Value Report found that the average American homeowner spends $22,636 on a new asphalt shingle roof of midrange quality. That new roof will increase the home’s value by $15,427, on average. That works out to 68 percent of the investment.
  • Metal Roofs Gaining traction nationwide for their durability and aesthetic versatility, they offer an impressive 85% return on an average $10,000 investment. This material is favorable towards homeowners who believe climate change will further increase chances of weather related damages and higher homeowner insurance costs.
  • Composite Shingles Constructed from recycled materials, these durable shingles mimic slate and, while costing about $25,000, offer a resale value comparable to asphalt shingles.
  • Clay or Concrete Tiles Chosen for their longevity and resistance to natural elements, they suit various architectural styles. Expect a 60% return on an investment ranging from $20,000 to $60,000.

Maximizing the Value of a New Roof

While a full cost and cash outlay recovery is unlikely, a well-maintained roof significantly enhances curb appeal and could expedite the home for sale process, particularly with house buyers seeking a move-in-ready home.

Roof Repair Alternatives

Facing roof issues doesn’t always necessitate a full replacement. Depending on the damage extent, various repair options might effectively prolong your roof lifespan. Here are some options:

  • Shingle Replacement: a cost-effective home repair solution that involves replacing individual damaged shingles, ensuring a match with the existing ones.
  • Partial Re-roofing: Suitable for localized roof repair like damage from a fallen tree branch. This option is less costly than a full roof replacement but can accumulate costs over time. Repeated partial re-roofing can also affect the structural integrity of the property roof.
How to sell a house with an old roof

Total Roof Replacement Options:

Major roof issues often require a total roof replacement, presenting two main approaches:

  • “Roof Over”: this involves layering new shingles over old ones, effectively offering a new roof appearance and functionality.
  • Complete Roof Tear Off: the more costly option involves removing the entire old roof before installing a new roof, allowing for structural assessment such as rotted decking and potentially extending the roof’s lifespan.

How To Sell A House With An Old Roof?

Selling a house with a problematic or simply bad roof is indeed possible, regardless of the roof age or current condition.

Options for To Sell A Property with A Bad Roof:

  • Roof Replacement Prior to Sale: ideal for sellers targeting house buyers who prefer ready-to-move-in homes, this option, though not guaranteeing full investment recovery, protects your home from the elements and potentially increases its market value.
  • Selling the House ‘As Is’: for those unable to fund roof repairs, selling a house as is in its current condition is a viable option to sell a home. This choice attracts a specific home buyer pool, like real estate investors and usually cash home buyers, who can handle and prepared to for a fixer upper property and the extensive renovations needed.

Deciding Between Roof Replacement and Sell A House ‘As Is’

Consider these factors when making your decision:

  • Extent of Roof Damage: a professional roof inspection can offer valuable insights and guide your final decision on how to handle your roof and sell your house.
  • Cash And Money Available: do you have the cash on hand and financial capacity and willingness to undertake roof repairs before making a choice?
  • Current Market Dynamics: understand the housing market you need to sell your house in. A seller’s market might allow for an ‘as is’ quick home sale, while a house buyer’s market might necessitate roof repairs to make your property competitive.

Our Team’s Experience

Our team at Bright Bid Homes specialize in fixer upper homes like properties that need roof repairs or total roof replacement.  We hold a soft spot for houses that need some TLC. Our experience in roofing, remodeling, and access to the supply chain and labor gives us a strong advantage to properly repair homes and roofs. If your roof damage is severe and has already caused your property to have water damage, we know how to help to repair and sell a house with water damage from roof leaks.

Final Considerations

Deciding whether to repair your roof before selling depends on various factors including the roof’s condition, housing market status, available money for roof repairs, willingness and contractors to undertake the work, and your timeline to find home buyers to sell your house. Remember, roof replacement doesn’t guarantee full value recovery.

If seeking a quick home sale, consider cash home buyers like Bright Bid Homes.

Selling to a cash buyer gets you money in your pocket fast without the headaches of the roof repairs.  With Bright Bid Homes, we’re able to buy your house fast for cash.  We are cash home buyers from Fort Worth to Dallas to Houston and throughout the great state of Texas. We even buy in the sunshine state of Florida! We specialize in properties that need a little bit (or a lot) of TLC, so you get the best cash offer for your house. We buy houses as is in any condition in DFW in areas like Plano TX to Arlington TX. We’d absolutely love to hear from you and guide you through the process of selling a home with a bad roof in Texas or Florida.

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