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How To Sell Your Texas House For Fast Cash

In the volatile real estate landscape throughout Texas, homeowners are still managing to secure good deals for their properties, despite the challenges of sky high interest rates. Gone are the days when simply planting a “For Sale” sign in your front yard could yield multiple lucrative offers to sell by evening. Today’s economy is volatile, … Continued

Top 10 Reasons Houses Don’t Sell Fast

When it comes to Texas real estate and especially in the Dallas and Fort Worth housing market, we all want to sell our houses fast without any headaches.  It’s generally thought that every property has a buyer in waiting — if the price is right. However, several factors can dramatically hinder the home for sale … Continued

How To Navigate The Home Selling Maze In DFW

Taking the leap to sell your home can be an intimidating venture, often fraught with an array of twists and turns, time-consuming obligations, and notable expenses. The complex decisions required can quickly turn into an overwhelming headache. Additionally, comprehending the labyrinthine contracts and legal paperwork can prove daunting, thus it’s often a relief to have … Continued

What Is Foreclosure Notice Of Default In Texas?

You just received a foreclosure notice of default and want to know what the heck is going on, keep reading… First, it’s imperative that you know you’re not alone in this. According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, approximately 250,000 homeowners are foreclosed upon each year. But remember, not all notices of default end in actual … Continued
Airbnbust DFW reasons why bust happening

What is AirBnBust? Reasons Why Short-Term Rental Owners Are Worried About A Bust.

*Updated May 20, 2024 Airbnb has revolutionized the way homeowners in various parts of the globe, particularly in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area, perceive their property value. Once considered mere residential spaces, these homes transformed into income-generating short-term rentals (STR). Yet, as market dynamics shift, pointing towards a possible “Airbnbust” era—a downturn in the demand … Continued

Got Foundation Cracks? Welcome to the DFW Summer Club!

Remember those iconic “Got Milk?” ads? Now, venture through many cities of DFW like Garland, Mesquite, or Plano and the question becomes: “Got Foundation Cracks?” This isn’t just a quirky ad spinoff; it’s the lived reality for many in the DFW area. If these foundation problems and tales of stress hit close to home and … Continued

How To Estimate Repair Costs When Selling Your House in Texas

Home repair costs are an essential part of the process when it’s time to sell your home, a process that can be nerve-wracking for many homeowners. Yet, by tackling this challenge proactively, you can gain a clear understanding of the total financial burden of necessary repairs. We dove into this issue on a recent blog … Continued

What is Seller Financing?  Can I Seller Finance in DFW?

Buyers Are Getting Mortgage From an Unlikely Source: The Seller of Their House Amidst soaring mortgage rates, a creative method of selling your house and financing home purchases is starting to capture the attention of buyers and sellers alike. Known as “seller financing,” this alternative approach to financing property transactions is becoming increasingly popular and … Continued
texas summer heat

How To Sell Your House Fast In The Texas Summer Heat?

Baby, it’s hot outside!  H-O-T scorching hot out there, even by Texas standards! With no respite for any residents from Fort Worth to Plano, the proverbial frying two eggs on a sidewalk seems too accurate these past few weeks. Amid such intense summer temperatures, it’s reasonable to ask how does this affect selling my house? … Continued

When Is The Best Time To Sell A House In Texas in 2024?

** Updated March 19, 2024 How about some fun real estate market trivia to start your home selling journey… what is the best month to sell a house for the highest return? Hint…hint…the best month to sell a house is not what it used to be!  Did you guess right now?  Or maybe you guessed … Continued

What’s The Key Factor To Sell A House Fast in Texas?

Pssst!  Wanna hear a Texas real estate secret?  Everybody loves a good secret and pro tip, right? A recent article in Wall Street Journal unveils the secret to what today’s homebuyers want.  Can you guess on how to attract buyers in your local market? Yup, it has to do with high mortgage interest rates, limited … Continued

The Coming Wave Of Selling? Airbnb Owners Facing a Sell-Off Amid Mounting Regulatory Challenges

As an Airbnb property owner, you’ve likely invested significant time, energy, and money into building a comfortable, appealing space for your guests. However, changing regulatory landscapes, such as the one currently taking shape in East Dallas, might be prompting you to reconsider your investment strategy. The increasing discontent among residential neighborhoods toward Airbnb and other … Continued
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