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Top 10 Reasons Houses Don’t Sell Fast

Top 10 reasons why houses don't sell fast

When it comes to Texas real estate and especially in the Dallas and Fort Worth housing market, we all want to sell our houses fast without any headaches.  It’s generally thought that every property has a buyer in waiting — if the price is right. However, several factors can dramatically hinder the home for sale process and even leave for sale home listings virtually unsellable without any home buyer interest. Here are some insights our team at Bright Bid Homes found from real estate professionals, housing analysts, and Realtors across Texas from Plano to Arlington down into Austin and San Antonio TX to pinpoint these challenges. Here are the top 10 reasons why houses don’t sell fast:

  1. Overpricing The Listing: If a home isn’t selling, it’s probably because the listing price is too high. An unsellable home, real estate agents say, is one that isn’t priced correctly for the current housing market dynamics.
  2. Foul Or Bad Odors: Realtors and agents commonly report that foul house odors, particularly from cats and dogs or residual scents from smoking, can keep a house from selling.
  3. Location. Location.  Location. Being located next to a loud highway, factory, or having a major power line obstructing the view could be a deal-breaker. The biggest obstacle to a home sale, they say, is location, and a bad location can only be corrected with a low price.
  4. Lack of Natural Light Into The House: A property with limited natural light can turn off would be home buyers. No potential Texas homeowner wants to live in a dark, uninviting room or house, so as much natural light throughout the whole house is essential.
  5. A Death in the Home: A known death in the property listing can make it especially difficult to sell a house, making this a potential deterrent for home buyers.
  6. Unfriendly House Layout: If the property has low ceilings, a complicated floor plan, or bad home architecture that cannot be easily renovated and repaired, it might be deemed unsellable.
  7. Mold and Environmental Issues: Significant environmental issues, like mold throughout the walls or cracked foundation issues, can also render a home unsellable.
  8. Maintenance or Structural Issues: Neglecting major repairs and putting off necessary renovations can leave a home sitting on the housing market for extended periods of time.
  9. Outdated Decor: An old, unattractive, or outdated decor can make a home impossible to sell. Freshening up the home with updated fixtures and decor can increase its appeal to sell.
  10. Clutter: A home that’s cluttered is going to be difficult to sell. Sellers must ensure their home is as attractive as possible, which might involve decluttering and cosmetic repair work.

While every property can potentially sell at the right price, the aforementioned factors can make the process significantly more challenging. It’s essential for sellers to address these issues where possible, ensuring their home is as appealing as it can be to a prospective home buyer.  If you are having a difficult time with selling your house or just looking to avoid the headache of dealing with all these property listing issues above, reach out to our team at Bright Bid Homes.  We buy houses in any condition with no repairs needed!  Ugly house? No problem! Heavy repairs needed? We will handle all the repairs so get a cash offer today for your house! Our trained team will make you a fair and fast offer within 24 hours.  Call us today and let us help you turn your house into a bright opportunity!

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