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Real Estate Investment Groups: Should I Join A REIA? [Guide]

real estate investors near me

*Updated 6-7-2024

Making money through real estate deals can help you build wealth and put your skills in remodeling, housing market analysis, and handyman home improvements to use all at the same time. Whether you want to work in this field full time or view it as a side hustle, it can provide an exciting opportunity for many passionate but still novice budding real estate investors.

However, earning money through real estate investing requires a considerable amount of cash and upfront investment for the down payment and any repairs and remodeling home improvements to be made.

Therefore, it can be helpful to find real estate investment groups near you to help you kickstart, build a cash base to cover the purchase entry price, generate deal flow and manage overall real estate investing opportunities.

So that begs the simple question – how can I find real estate investment groups near me? Where are the real estate buyers near me?

Find Real estate investors near me

How To Find Real Estate Investors Near Me

There is no magic or secret formula. To find worthwhile and good real estate investment groups, which can be private in nature, you need to grind it out and network, network, and more networking. Finding real estate investors requires building your network of professionals from contractors to accountants to realtors who are as passionate as you about building wealth in real estate investing. In these tight construction labor market, finding a reliable and trustworthy contractor and crew is no small task.

As you find and nurture these relationships, you’ll be able to reach out if you find yourself in need of hard money lenders or have a high return real estate investing opportunity that requires resources from multiple real estate investors near you.

find real estate investors near me

Real Estate Networking Events

In our experience at Bright Bid Homes, the best way to find real estate buyers and investors and also find great investment opportunities are in-person real estate networking events. 

Real estate networking events are a great way to meet with potential real estate investors near you. These meetups allow you to engage with like-minded real estate investors, and you can exchange ideas about investment strategy and find potential partners with whom you can partner.

During networking events, you also have the chance to meet with more experienced realtors and real estate investors, which can provide you with immeasurable value and insight into housing market trends or even that one hot deal. Finding mentors who can help you understand the REI industry and provide you with insight may inspire you to reach new heights in your chosen career.

Mentors can help you create a business plan and set investment goals for yourself. They can also provide insight for finding real estate investors in the area if you want to broaden your real estate opportunities, such as by expanding into commercial properties or property management.  Yes, these events are time consuming and some can be simply duds. 

One word of caution – be careful of the “fake events” that are just disguises for sales funnels to try and get you to spend money on mastermind classes or coaching sessions.  Unfortunately, these can quickly drain your financial resources with promises of riches for taking a class or coaching session.

Local REIAs: Dallas Real Estate Investors Association

You can look for real estate networking events through local real estate organizations, a Google search, or online sites like or   As we always try to add value at Bright Bid Homes, here are a couple of events that we find to be very useful.

As evidence that networking events do work and are effective, we have partnered and got over 8 deals in the past year just from these above two real estate investing events. They work!

Find Real Estate Investment Groups Online

Websites and online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or even Craigslist can be a great and fast way to find out all the events in an area to find local real estate investors.

Most large and small meetups will have an online posting about an upcoming event on their Facebook or Instagram page. Social media also will help you connect with others interested in doing actual deals as it’s a way for local real estate investors to learn more about a potential rental property or investment property you’ve secured.

Real Estate Investor Websites

The websites online dedicated to real estate investing are immense with our favorite Bigger Pockets as the top choice who pioneered the BRRRR method of investing in real estate which consists of a process to Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, and Repeat it again for investing in single family homes.

Another favorite source are online forums like Quora and Connected Investors that offer excellent opportunities to hear multiple opinions about any real estate topic but also can connect with property investors and others who have similar investing interests.  We have also seen much success through LinkedIn and Reddit forums on Texas real estate investing and groups.

Through these online investment groups and investor forums, you can continue to build your knowledge of the real estate investing industry, get advice from experienced professionals, and engage with others about challenging situations or struggles that might arise like squatters or water leaks at a renovation.

how to find real estate deals near me

Join A Local REIA (Real Estate Investors Association)

The acronym REIA stands for “Real Estate Investors Association.”  Those interested in finding residential or commercial real estate to help them grow their personal wealth may also find local REIAs helpful. The investment clubs generally consist of a group of investors who combine their money to make joint investment club decisions.

Joining a REIA allows you to connect with experienced investors who want to find new opportunities to build their portfolios. Members can serve as mentors and offer insight and advice about why they make the investments they select. When it comes to your investment club interests, they can also offer funding and investing for your projects.

Real Estate Investing: Friends and Family

Don’t overlook potential connections through friends and family. Letting your personal connections know about your passion for building a real estate business and your hunt for more real estate investors can encourage them to let you know when they have a potential business connection for you. Your friends and family can provide you with referrals and help you make valuable connections.

You might also consider securing funding from friends and family in the form of real estate crowdfunding. If you find an investment opportunity that could provide you with great returns, asking for some support can help you secure the total funding you need.

real estate investors dallas

Real Estate Agents

Befriend local Realtors who could hold “pocket listings” in your target area of investing.  Your local Realtor and real estate agents will also have an up-close look at the local housing market and can offer you tremendous advantages when it comes to finding investors and even finding new properties that are great deals.

Realtors can help you find foreclosures or houses available to cash buyers. A savvy real estate agent might also give you an alert if they come across homes for sale or distressed properties that can help you get in quickly as good deals go fast.

Real estate agents have experience with professionals across the real estate and banking industry and can connect you with new investors who might be interested in learning more about your current active deal.

real estate investing

Real Estate Buyers Near Me?

As you might guess, finding real estate investment groups is only the first step. You also need to present them with reasons to invest with you like profitable deal flow and an appealing active under contract deal on the table that will encourage them to invest in what you have.

Therefore, you need to know how to present yourself professionally, encouraging your new connections at a real estate investment group to trust you and your work. You are the product!

We’ll walk you through a few key strategies you can use to present the most positive image of yourself and your business.

real estate buyers

Ways to Find Local Real Estate Investors

Create a track record. When people consider investing in your real estate projects, they want to know that the decision makes sense from a financial perspective. Simply put, will you make them money? They want to see your experience, credentials and what you believe the profit potential for a real estate deal is.

What is the ROI? What is the timeline? What is the down payment? What is the interest rate? Hard money lenders? How many points on the loan? How much leverage is being used?

These questions and more need to be carefully considered and answered BEFORE you approach any potential partners for a real estate investment. Your experience and portfolio should help show how investors make money and see why this is an investment they want to be part of.

You might consider including information about:

  1. Property already under contract? What price? Most investors won’t bother with a property that is not yet under contract with a PSA.
  2. Is the property a fixer upper? How What you plan to do with the property from a remodeling and repairs standpoint.  What are the rehab estimates?
  3. How will the deal make money? Is it a fix-n-flip?  Will it be a single family rental property (SFR)? How will the property generate income for you and any investors?  What is the cap rate if it’s a for rent house? 

You want to impress potential investors not only with the opportunity you present to them but also show specifically how investors make money. Create clear, conservative and organized projections so they can get a glimpse into your analysis and ability to execute a deal.

real estate investing near me

How To Find Real Estate Investors & Partners

What if you are a newbie and don’t have experience in the Lone Star state?  How to start to find real estate investors if you don’t have a track record or real estate portfolio? We have seen this in our experience in Plano TX and throughout Texas

In this case, we highly recommend to what we call “network and squad up” – find experienced players in the real estate construction and investment space.  Find partners such cash buyers like Bright Bid Homes that have “been there and done that” already. 

By partnering up with somebody with experience, you can learn on the job while making money at the same time. If you have a great deal but don’t have the experience, call our team as we are always looking for new partners and new hot deals! 

We are active throughout the DFW metroplex and always looking to partner up in these target areas: Frisco, Lewisville, Irving, Richardson, Garland, Mesquite, Rowlett, Rockwall, Mckinney, Allen, Farmers Branch, Carrollton, Plano TX and more!  See our website for more information on the cities we are actively doing deals in.

Real estate buyers Texas

The Small And Mighty Real Estate Investor 

The one major advantage of being new and learning how to become a real estate investor is the ability to be nimble and selective about the deals to go after. In other words, you can wait for the fat pitch down the middle of the plate before taking a swing. The excellent book by Bigger Pockets called, “The small and mighty real estate investor” gives a great framework and plan of attack to start your real estate investing journey with how to buy, finance and manage a small portfolio of rental properties and allow you to build towards financial freedom and independence. It gives practical and safe advise on how to build positive cash flow with rental properties. This guide is a terrific starting point for finding and building long term real estate investment partnerships.

Social Media To Find A Real Estate Investment Group

Social media can also help you present a positive image to potential real estate investors. Since people turn to social media to engage with one another, it can provide an opportunity for you to present your level of expertise and the success you have had with other real estate investments to earn money.

For example, you can use social platforms like Facebook or Pinterest to showcase your past work in real estate. You can create image postings that help you capture what you can accomplish with a quality deal and profitable real estate business investment.

By using social media as a means to display your talent, you can create a strong portfolio to show to potential investors. They will feel more confident in your potential because they see what you have accomplished in the past.

Case Study: Real Estate Investor Frisco TX

For more practical insider insight and live in the field action, what works better than an actual real estate investment that we did? So, let’s use a fix and flip from last year in Frisco, Texas. Our team is constantly networking and scouring MLS for higher end deals in the Mckinney, Plano, Little Elm, Allen corridor of Collin County. But, as we have mentioned, we have found that local real estate meetups are great. In fact, we found this Frisco project from a local REIA meetup.

Before Photos

Before Photos

The Frisco project was a big fix and flip renovation with lots of execution risks, but also came with big upside. We purchased a fixer upper property in Frisco, Texas for $244,000 from a wholesaler from one of the meetups. We pegged the after repair value (ARV) in the low $400’s. The acquired house is in a great DFW neighborhood in a very high demand area of Collin county, close to the Frisco rail district and downtown. However, the house needed substantial work as an older couple had lived in it for well over 20 years, so it needed everything from new HVAC, new kitchen with stainless steel appliances, new flooring that we installed hard plank flooring, a fresh coat of paint throughout, new fencing to match the high end neighborhood. You name it, the house needed it. Our estimated rehab budget came in line with the final costs of approximately $90k.

For financing of this DFW project, we partnered with a hard money lender which required a down payment of approximately $32,000 but that included the funding of the renovation costs (materials and labor) on a phased draw basis.

The renovation and listing on market for sale took 5 months in total and sold for $435k. This gave a gross profit (before closing costs and realtor fees) of roughly $100k. After fees such as holding costs (utilities, taxes), hard money lender interest, realtor commissions, and closing costs, we had a net profit of $66k. On a cash on cash basis because our cash outlay and down payment was $32k, this gives this project a 106% cash-on-cash return in only 5 months. I think any savvy investor would jump on that kind of ROI profile.

If you have any specific questions about this deal or are interested in pursuing a partnership, please feel free to reach out to us as we just love talking real estate to newbie and experienced investors alike! Let’s talk!

After Photos / Finished and Sold House

Partner with Bright Bid Homes

At Bright Bid Homes, we pride ourselves on being proactive cash home buyers and vital partners for anyone looking to navigate the real estate investment landscape in the Dallas Fort Worth area. We buy houses from Richardson to Plano to Forney.  If its in the DFW metroplex, we are interested to squad up! 

Our expertise and commitment make us an ideal ally for both new and seasoned investors. We encourage you to read our online testimonials and google reviews to see how we work and have partnered with numerous realtors, investors, homeowners, and home buyers to help them in their real estate journey.

Whether you are just starting out or looking to expand your investment portfolio, we are eager to collaborate and help you achieve your real estate goals. We have done over 2500 real estate transactions in Texas, so real estate investing is definitely not our first rodeo. 

We have done hundreds of full remodel renovations in DFW so there is no issue that we have not seen.  By partnering with us, you gain access to a wealth of experience, resources, and a network of professionals that can significantly enhance your ability to find and secure lucrative investment opportunities. Let’s join forces to transform potential into success in one of the most dynamic real estate market in Texas.

Real estate buyers near me

Just Get In The Game

Finding real estate investment groups with cash ready to deploy involves a mixture of strategic networking, leveraging technology and social media platforms, presenting yourself professionally, and find amazing deals to offer potential real estate partners. But, by far the most important factor is simply to “take action” and get in the game.

By attending networking events, engaging on social media, utilizing real estate investment websites and platforms, and continuously building and maintaining relationships, you can attract the right real estate investors to your next investment projects.

Remember, the goal is not just to find any plain generic investment group but to find the right group of partners for the long term who believe in your vision and are willing to grow with you in the building of a dynamic real estate investment portfolio.

With these REI strategies, you should be well on your way to building a successful and profitable portfolio of real estate investments.

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