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The Tired Landlord Series: What Is The Eviction Process in Texas? A 10-Step Guide.

What is the eviction process in DFW Texas?

What Is The Eviction Process in Texas?

In our first blog post in “The Tired Landlord Series,” we will start with a step-by-step guide for tired landlords in Texas wrestling with the complicated eviction process. If you are wondering what is “The Tired Landlord Series” all about? See our introduction overview here where we discuss the unglamorous and tedious 4T’s of being a landlord – tenants, toilets, trash, and taxes. Today, we dive in to learn what is the eviction process in Texas?

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The 10-Step Eviction Process in Texas: Your Roadmap

Step 1: Issue a 3-Day Notice to Vacate

In accordance with Texas law, you are required to serve the tenant a 3-day notice to vacate as the initial step. This notice can be mailed, hand-delivered, or sent via certified mail. Retain copies for legal documentation. The rigor of this stage alone leaves many a tired landlord contemplating other options.

Step 2: Filing an Eviction Petition

Your next step involves filing an eviction lawsuit in the Precinct and Place where the property is located. Adherence to this geographical stipulation is crucial; non-compliance could result in case dismissal.

Step 3: Constable Service

A constable will serve the eviction petition to the tenant. It’s imperative to note that this is only a procedural requirement, not the actual eviction. Tenants avoiding service can lead to a protracted process via alternative service methods, complicating matters further.

Step 4: Justice of the Peace Court Hearing

During this stage, your case will be heard among potentially hundreds of other eviction cases. Judges often allocate only a few minutes per case, a limitation that may be unsatisfactory for some landlords seeking a comprehensive judicial review.

Step 5: The Court’s Judgment

If you prevail, the tenant has five days to vacate the property, weekends inclusive. It may seem like a resolution, but the process can still continue.

Step 6: Possibility of Tenant Appeals

Should the tenant opt to appeal, the process can extend by an additional 30 to 90 days. The appeal can take one of three forms—Surety Bond, Pauper’s Affidavit, or Cash Appeal and Bond—each with its own complex set of guidelines and requirements.

Step 7: Court-Held Rent Payments

If an appeal is lodged, the tenant is required to pay the rent to the court, not you. This introduces yet another party into an already complicated financial equation.

Step 8: Required Answer Filing

In the interim between Justice of the Peace Court and County Court hearings, a written answer must be filed. Failure to submit this document could result in a default judgment against you.

Step 9: County Court Hearing

At this juncture, landlords are mandated to have legal representation. This level of court allows for a more detailed case presentation but also requires additional time and financial investment.

Step 10: Final Judgment

Upon reaching this stage, the tenant will be given another 5-10 days to vacate if you win. Failure to do so will result in the issuance of a Writ of Possession, and a constable will provide a 24-hour notice to vacate.

Tired landlords lose a lot of money with tenants that need to be evicted

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