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Is Your Texas Foundation Ready for the Change of Seasons?

Seasonal foundation movements wreak havoc on DFW foundations

Ah, Texas—the only place where you can experience all four seasons in just 24 hours! From hot Texas summers to chilly autumn mornings, we Texans are use to it all! But while your wardrobe might adjust easily to these climatic gymnastics, your home’s foundation in Texas is a different story altogether. Here’s the dirt (pun intended) on why that happens to your foundation and what you can do about it.

Understanding the Science of Seasonal Foundation Movements

First, let’s get into the technicalities of “seasonal foundation movements.” This phrase refers to the tendency of a home’s foundation to experience differential settlement as it reacts to the changing moisture levels around your foundation and in the soil it sits on. While it’s a natural phenomenon, ignoring it is not advisable for your foundation’s sake. So, why does this occur, particularly in Texas?

The Geotechnical Complexities of Texas Soil

Soil in many parts of Texas isn’t just any soil; it’s often a mix of expansive clay known as “Vertisol.” This specific soil type is characterized by high smectite clay content which has isomorphic substitution in its molecular structure. This scientific jargon essentially means that the soil has a high cation-exchange capacity, making it incredibly reactive to moisture variations. For your foundation, this could mean trouble if not properly maintained. When wet, these soil particles can expand up to 1500% their original size (…ouch, says your house’s foundation!). Conversely, during dry periods, the soil contracts, losing a significant percentage of its volume. That is why it’s so important to answer yes when asked if you should water your foundation in Texas during long dry and hot spells in our hot summers!

This extreme volumetric instability creates a dynamic, albeit problematic, soil-foundation interaction and your house. The cyclical process of expansion and contraction to your foundation and your house creates a phenomenon called ‘soil heave,’ leading to the uplift and depression of the foundation (and yes, your house) at different times of the year. For house foundations, particularly slab-on-grade or crawl space types, this poses an engineering challenge, causing your foundation and house to rise and fall in tandem with these soil movements.

Red Flags and Early Warnings From Your Foundation

If you experience issues at your house like misaligned doors, wall cracks, or foundation fissures, these aren’t just aesthetic HGTV style home decor problems but telltale signs of a house foundation in distress. If you’ve reached the point where you’re thinking, “Maybe it’s time to sell my house fast,” you should know that unresolved foundation issues will significantly depreciate your home’s market value.

The Preventive and Reactive Measures

To mitigate seasonal foundation movements, you have options. Installing a French drain system and using ground-penetrating piers for added house foundational support are some engineering solutions. You can also engage in “soil moisture management,” using automated home irrigation systems to keep soil moisture levels consistent, thus reducing the magnitude of its volumetric changes in the foundation movements.

However, if you’ve already noticed signs of severe foundation movement, then a more proactive approach is required—namely house foundation repairs using helical piers or hydraulic lift slab piering methods to realign and stabilize your property’s foundation.

Can I Sell My House For Cash With Foundation Problems?

If foundation issues at your home have become overwhelmingly severe, don’t panic. There’s a way to resolve it without endless cycles of repairs: sell your home. Yes, there are companies that buy houses with foundation issues, offering you cash for houses irrespective of your foundation condition. So you can get a cash offer for my house as-is, and finally lay your foundational worries to rest.

We buy homes with foundation problems in DFW Texas

The Bright Bid Homes Advantage

At Bright Bid Homes, we buy houses for cash in any condition. That means you can sell your home for cash, with buckling flooring, cracked brick exterior, broken sewer lines and long list of house problems caused by a bad foundation without the stress of undergoing expensive, complex and time-consuming repairs. We buy homes for cash and expedite the entire process, offering a practical solution for homeowners weighed down by house foundation troubles.

If you’re in Texas and dealing with seasonal foundation movements that seem insurmountable, remember that you have options to sell your house for cash. Whether you opt for technical solutions or decide to get a cash offer for my house from Bright Bid Homes, there’s a way to secure your home’s future, one way or another. Let us help turn your foundation worries into a bright opportunity!

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